Human Gut Microbiome Brain interaction Research Paper

Human Gut Microbiome Brain interaction Research Paper

Topics for Supplemental Writing assignment due by May 3 at 11:00PM.

Choose one of the two topics below for your research report. If there is a different topic that you are very interested in doing your report on, then send me an email and we can discuss how to make that happen. (The topic I want to do is listed below)n

There is no set length to the report, but it is difficult for me to see how you can cover the topic in breadth and detail in less than 3 pages. Grading will be based on the clarity of your writing and the thoughtfulness of your interpretations -not on filling space.

You need a minimum of 5 references to support the information and opinions in your paper. References should be a mix of scientific (e.g. scientific journals) and non-scientific (e.g. popular press; business articles). Websites are ok as a reference but they should be properly identified for the scientific / professional rigor of their content. References should be listed at the end of the report. Also, reference citations should be included in the text of the report where there are supporting the information. I don’t care what referencing format you use, just make sure I can follow it.

TOPIC 1: The Human Gut Microbiome – Brain interaction

  • ➢ What is the gut microbiome? (3 points)
  • ➢ Brief history of our understanding of its existence and its importance (3 points)
  • ➢ What neurobiology/behavior conditions are currently hypothesized to be influenced by the microbiome? (4 points)
  • ➢ What experiments have been done (animal or human) and what commercial products are being sold? (6 points)
  • ➢ What do you think? Why do you feel that way? (4 points)
  • ➢ Referencing (5 points)