Human Sexuality and Concept of Intersex Cultural Anthropology Essay

Must use this reading:…

Use chapter 5, 6, 7, 8

Choose Three of the following and answer each question in 1-2 paragraphs. Cite readings and films. Total word count: 750+

Chapter 5: Identify three reasons why anthropologists feel that the concept of “race” is a flawed system of classification, and give an example to support each reason.

Chapter 6: Explain what is meant when we say that a nation is an imagined community, and give an example.

Chapter 7: Define the concept of intersex. Why do you think that the physician in the Middlesexes film said that “a child born with ambiguous genitalia is a medical and social emergency”? We know that it is NOT a medical emergency in most cases, so why is it a social emergency? How had this notion affected people like Max (Judy)? How has it changed in part because of the efforts of the Intersex Society of North America and Accord Alliance, as discussed in the text?

Chapter 8: In which ways does scientist and author Jared Diamond suggest that human sexuality is distinct from other mammals? Identify three ways in which humans differ from most other mammals, and discuss the possible implications of these distinctions as they intersect with other areas of interest for cultural anthropologists (e.g., kinship, gender, class, and religion).