Hypogeum of ?al-Saflieni Temple

. Title: The Creative Impulse, 8th ed.

Author: Dennis Sporre

Publisher:Prentice Hall/Pearson Custom Publishing

ISBN: 978-0-13-603493-3

Will need to get an approval from the instructor before proceeding with the writing. present a topic of your chose for approval.


For this assignment you are to research a place of worship for any religion in any of the styles that we discuss in this class OR for any religion that was in existence or begun before the year 1400.You must turn in a 800 word (minimum) paper with MLA formatting and all sources properly cited.The building must have been built by 1400 or at least be begun by 1400.

Your first paragraph should explain why you chose this particular structure.

Your second paragraph should describe the exterior in detail, especially any decoration.

Your third paragraph should describe the floor plan—the general shape of it, aisles, altar, etc.

Your fourth paragraph should describe the interior in detail, especially any decoration.

Your fifth paragraph should be the conclusion.In this paragraph explain anything that you would change in the building to make it more appropriate or innovative (but remember, no electricity!) for the time period.

You should use a minimum of four sources with at least three being internet sources or databases.I suggest that you use some of the databases available on the Brookhaven College library web site.Wikipedia is not an acceptable source. In order to help you with this project, I have put two books on reserve in the library.They are:Architecture: From Prehistoric to Post-Modernism by Trachtenberg and Hyman and Meaning in Western Architecture by Norberg-Schultz.

Your topic needs to be approved by your instructor ahead of time.