I want a reply post to the below essay in 170 words using apa format and journal articles

Management Hierarchy:

We have different types of the management hierarchy and also have the levels of management hierarchy in different ways it is useful and for example, we can use in healthcare, business purpose and used for multi-purpose and can use in many ways and in the management hierarchy we have some types and they are strategy planning, management planning, operational planning and as information technology of management hierarchy have three types they are Top Level IT Management, Middle-Level IT Management, and Lower Level IT Management. (Schermerhorn, J. 2013)

Strategy planning:

Strategy tells about in what way they will initiate their objectives and also have different varieties of strategies and also have specific resources, for example, we use in health purpose and use of publicity in social marketing and used for the artists to perform their artistic life. (Schermerhorn, J. 2013)

Management planning:

Management planning and have the creative goals and also work according to your goals and responding to your customer and the work is done what they have given and should complete perfectly so, that the customer’s feedback can get a positive response and can get revisit the customers and so, that work should be complete in time so, that customer should satisfy. (S. 2013)

Operational planning:

Departments should be overlap between them and also requires more than two operational plans and should have no target for operational planning and it is updated every month and also updated in weekly and the operational planning of budget should come according to your annual budget of the department. (S. 2013)