I want a reply post to the below essay in 200 words using apa format and journal articles

I want a reply post to the below essay in 200 words using apa format and journal articles

As a junior congress person you have been asked to help promote a bill to allow casino gambling in your state. There is much opposition to this bill. Using distributive bargaining, discuss the pros and cons which might arise toward the passing or defeating of this bill.

Pros that will arise if bill is passed:

The first thing that is associated with casino gambling is money. Right now in Texas, we have many underground gambling operations that gambling is a cat and mouse game with the patrol and police parties. Legalizing gambling will allow all that underground ”black” money to channel properly. Also some cases have been reported where the authorities allow this illegal gambling if they get some bribes for the same. Allowing gambling will solve that issue too. In states where gambling is legal, Texans generate about $2.5 billion a year revenue. Imagine the amount of revenue generated by legalizing gambling in Texas. It is with this in mind that there already has been a bill filed for allowing gambling legalized at 12 casinos in Texas (H.B. No. 4136). Also by allowing legal gambling there will be much increase in job opportunities-ranging from dealers, accountants, machine operators, café operators etc. Also we can include a sub section in the bill that will reserve some amount of the money earned from casinos to be put forward for natural disasters that happen in state- floods, hurricanes, fires.

Cons that will arise if bill is passed:

Now with gabling made legal there can be a firm tendency amongst some people to gamble compulsively. This will in turn affect the persons/family who is dealing with that individual. It can give rise to family issues and fights. Also at casinos there are more chances of people getting engaged in a brawl. This all will relate to more cops needed for the activities. If more jobs are created then it is fine. But in many cases even when the need increases, the first thought is to contain it with the available resources. Hence the lives of police authorities will also get hectic and more dangerous than it is currently. There can also be instances of fraud in gambling and lotteries that will go unnoticed to a poor man and thus he can be exploited in the name of legal gambling. Moreover gambling places are full time and most people who come to gamble will stay for many hours there. Due to this the other normal/local run food and tavern joints will get affected due to loss of customers to casinos. Other behaviors such as alcoholism, prostitution and drugs can also be seen in some poorly supervised legal casinos.