Identify a crime to which criminological theory could reasonably be applied. It can be any type of crime, but you will want to select an event to which multiple criminological theories could reasonably be applied.

Use the library’s research databases to find at least two journal, newspaper, or magazine articles that describe this crime.

You should choose two theories that we have covered in class and explain the crime through them. (You can use more than two if you want.) Cite specific subtheories and theorists where appropriate. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using each theory. What facets of the incident does each theory do a better job of explaining? What facets of the incident does each theory do a bad job of explaining? What theoretical perspective(s) is/are most evident in each of the articles you have chosen?

Finally, propose a policy solution or response to this crime. In other words, devise a policy that could prevent future occurrences of that incident. Think about the types of policy solutions that emerge from the theoretical traditions you have applied. Are these policy solutions reasonable? What are their potential benefits? Are they politically possible? Are they expensive? ****(see attached document for further instructions)****