Identify and discuss an organizational issue from current events where there was an HRM failure.

the gap between what actually happened and the expected HRM principle or best practice.

 the contributing factors and/or reasons you think the situation occurred.

 the steps you would take to prevent this occurring in the future.

Use any of your assigned textbook readings for support and include at least two citations within the body of your paper. Cite the principle/concept(s) and list the reference(s) at the end of your paper. Since this paper is short, a separate reference page is not required—simply list the reference as the last line(s) of your paper.

Submit the article as a separate attachment with your paper.


APA style essay writing, double-spaced, 12-point, Times New Roman font, title page, 600-word minimum (not including title page, reference or article). Avoid writing in the first person.

You should have an indented paragraph with subheading for each bulleted element listed above. Subheadings focus your writing, tell readers what your paragraph is about and use a key word from the instructions. Some suggestions are: HRM Principle, Contributing Factors, Recommendations.


I am looking to see how well you apply and synthesize what you are learning with your chosen issue. Your opinion (and mine) is not as important as your ability to apply what the experts have said to the problem.

Your paper will be graded on three criteria: Content Accuracy (10 pts), Application (10 pts), Style and Grammar (5 pts). See the rubric for more details.