Identifying at-risk patients, and enhancing efficiency.

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The Impact of Nursing Informatics on Patient Outcomes and Patient Care Efficiencies

In the Discussion for this module, you considered the interaction of nurse informaticists with other specialists to ensure successful care. How is that success determined?

Patient outcomes and the fulfillment of care goals is one of the major ways that healthcare success is measured. Measuring patient outcomes results in the generation of data that can be used to improve results. Nursing informatics can have a significant part in this process and can help to improve outcomes by improving processes, identifying at-risk patients, and enhancing efficiency.


To Prepare:

· Review the concepts of technology application as presented in the Resources.

· Reflect on how emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence may help fortify nursing informatics as a specialty by leading to increased impact on patient outcomes or patient care efficiencies.


The Assignment: (4-5 pages not including the title and reference page)

In a 4- to 5-page project proposal written to the leadership of your healthcare organization, propose a nursing informatics project for your organization that you advocate to improve patient outcomes or patient-care efficiency. Your project proposal should include the following:

· Describe the project you propose.

· Identify the stakeholders impacted by this project.

· Explain the patient outcome(s) or patient-care efficiencies this project is aimed at improving and explain how this improvement would occur. Be specific and provide examples.

· Identify the technologies required to implement this project and explain why.

· Identify the project team (by roles) and explain how you would incorporate the nurse informaticist in the project team.

· In my facility where I work, we do not have and EMR/EHR system we are a still a paper facility which can delay sending and receiving patient information from facilities) because of this antiquated system at my for-profit hospital patient care can suffer, secondary to not being able to retrieve, received or send information instantly. We usually must send email, scan document, and make phone calls in order to best communicated patient care.


· Consider talking about getting my facility getting a EMR/EHR system.