Impact of Colonialism in Africa Political & Social Aspects Research Paper

Focus of the paper: Many parts of Africa is suffering from past colonial powers. Therefore, I want to show the transitional change of how colonialism affected Africa back then compared to now. Today many parts of Africa are still trying to recover and reconstruct their country because of colonialism. Many people are unaware of the striking affects and I would like to show the contrast in my research paper. Some of the main aspects that affect Africa today as a result of colonialism are: economic, political and social aspects. These are the main aspects that will be focused on in my research.

The research paper should be: 12 pages, double-spaced, 12pt. font, and Times New Roman. The pagination does not include any footnotes, endnotes, or list of references.

Attached below is the Annotated Bibliography, and the Extended Abstract!! This will help you with the focus of the paper.

All of the guidelines for the paper on how to site and reference is explained in the “guidelines for the research paper” attachment below.