Importance Of Ethical Behavior Within An Organization Discussion Responses

Importance Of Ethical Behavior Within An Organization Discussion Responses

Student One:

A persons ethics are what helps them make sound and just decisions. Many investors and customers want any business that they are investing to be trustworthy. When selecting projects companies have to trust that those in charge are choosing projects that are right for the business and helps their public image to consumers. Business will decrease if an employee is making decisions that are unethical. Saint leo’s core value of integrity is reflected in my answer, because it states that employees be honest.

Student Two:

Ethical behavior within an organization is crucial to maintaining its overall mission. The ethical guidelines in my company directly reflect on the overall product we produce and how a lack of integrity could put lives at risk or jeprodize our nation’s security. In the event of unethical behavior within my company, it could lead to a loss in trust and dependibility from our customer, created a financial and PR disaster, as well as create an environment for repeating unethical actions. When a company such as the one I work for loses the trust of their primary customer, future contracts are in jeprody which could result in a destabilized work force and free falling stock prices. Federal action may also be taken in severe cases leading to fines or jail time. Saint Leo shares similar views of integrity as the company I work for. When we do the right thing, even when no one is looking, we set a good example for others and protect the interests of everyone involved. A commitment to acting with high integrity creates a trusting atmosphere for those who you work with as well as protects everyone’s greater interests. Recently, Boeing has come under extreme scrutiny for the recent plane crashes. The company’s overall integrity is being questioned concerning whether or not their planes were released with the proper inspections or if other data was hidden during audits conducted by the United States federal government. Boeing has been working extensively with the United States and other countries to diagnose and resolve any issues that may exist with their plane’s software while trying to prove that there was never an indication during development that an issue existed (Newburger, 2019). As a result of this unfortunate disaster and Boeing’s questionable knowledge of a defect, share prices in the company have dropped nearly 10% and future contracts which where being discussed prior to the crash are now frozen.

Student Three:

The video that I chose was in E-books From watching the video the first thing I observed was that the oral presentation was well delivered by the librarian, the librarian took her time to discuss all the details about how to find a book in the database of the library; she was able to offer all the details without leaving any important information behind. The librarian was so familiar with the design of the library website from Saint Leo University that she made the video have a constant flow and made it easy for audience to follow through without the need of replaying the video because they missed something. Another good aspect of the video was to add their own information and how to request special help if needed, I think that the audience who had trouble following the video or understanding the video felt confident after finding out they could request extra help

One aspect the video could’ve made an improvement was the image of the website, as I was watching the video the graphics were blurry, I tried to enlarge the video to see if the quality of the video would improve but it didn’t change, as the librarian navigates to the library database of the site the images were to blurry unless the individual had another computer side by side.

Student four:

Choosing the right medium to deliver a message is as important as the message itself. Video is an effective way to deliver some messages but not all. For example, video is probably the best way to show a tutorial or show a process. It is not however, an effective medium for messages that need to be more conversational. Overall, video can be a great tool because, in a given amount of time, it can convey much more information than text. Not only this but also, visuals in general often convey some message points more effectively than words (Thill, 2017, p. 373).

Give feedback to the Library on their “online library tour” and one of their “help” videos.

I learned a lot of new things about the online library from the Library Tour. Overall the video is essential and is a great tool. Specifically, I think the pace at which the speaker is teaching about the online library is slow, steady, and allows the viewer time to follow along and learn. The video has a ton of information, but all the information is essential and concise.

To strengthen the video and make it more suitable to the needs of a new student watching it for the first time we should implement two things:

  • Set the stage of the video by having the speaker introduce themselves, having them briefly list key benefits of watching the video, and having them ask the audience to follow along by opening the library in a separate window. This will keep the audience engaged and help learning stick.
  • Effectively close by briefly recapping key points to alert the audience some of the most important tools amidst all the things the video teaches.

The EBooks help video is visually engaging and the speaker in this video also uses a good pace. Again, the video would be more impactful if the speaker introduces themselves and immediately alerts the audience of the key benefits the video has to offer. This is essential to connect and attract an audience by showing them you care and understand their needs.