Importance of Leaving a Legacy Through Estate Planning Marketing Plan Paper

Create a marketing plan to promote the book.

Include mission, vision, SWOT, trend analysis, goal and strategy formulation, budget, and outcomes.

You create these yourself based on your research and target market choice. Make sure to discuss the how and why of positioning the product and why your choices will be successful.

i must expect and research about budgets for this :

Costs for publishing, costs for reaching financial advisors, research and see of there is a way to send it to continuing education courses that advisors attend on estate planning, things like that

Maybe the cost of offering a free book to the advisor in exchange for him/her adding it to the price of their financial planning fee, selling them a wet of them wholesale, and them providing it to clients during planning sessions

costs associated with cold calling financial planners/advisors or their place of business about offering the book as educational material for clients