Innovativeness as a Catalyst for Success in Business Essay

Innovativeness as a Catalyst for Success in Business Essay


  • To work within a meaningful rhetorical situation
  • To select and arrange information that meets the rhetorical situation
  • To successfully put into practice a strategies for argumentative writing
  • To establish credibility in your writing through research and documented support

Audience: Academic audience

Length: 4-7 pages, Times Roman font.

Process: You have been investigating a matter of exigence within a relevant discourse community and the ongoing conversation that is taking place from a number of sources throughout the semester. Now you further develop your focus by taking a position regarding a debatable issue and compose an essay that presents your conclusions. Through the use of your acquired research, as well as with any additional sources you wish to provide, you will discuss your position or concept in a focused and fully documented research paper, attaching a properly constructed documentation style reference page. Do not recycle exploratory essays or allow your research paper to be a compilation of summaries and observations from your annotated bibliography. Attempts to submit an essay that is a combination of text from earlier essays will be considered self-plagiarism and will be treated as such. Your topic might be the same, but your essay must be restructured and rewritten as a newly completed essay, not a revised version of your initial inquiry or a continual cutting and pasting of annotations.