IRLS417 American Military Environmental Security Implications for US Army Paper

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For this assignment, students will review all of the definitions for environmental security listed at… and answer the following questions in a 350 word post. This short essay should:

1. Identify the Millennium Project definition that you think best defines environmental security (include the entire definition so your classmates can easily see which definition you have selected);

2. Identify the types of issues you think would be captured by this definition;

3. Explain why you think this is a good working definition of environmental security and any potential shortcomings or concerns surrounding this definition; and

4. Explain how you would address these concerns or improve upon this definition.

5. Explain how gender might impact our perceptions of environmental security.

***If the above link to the Millennium Project website is not working, you can find the same suggested and alternate definitions in section 2.2 of Defining Environmental Security: Implications for the U.S. Army (This AEPI report was one of your assigned readings in Week 1)

Be sure to support your work with research from at least two sources and respond to at least two other students (minimum 150 words for each response). Cite your sources appropriately using Turabian’s author/date style of citation. I look forward to reading your posts and providing feedback on the discussions!

Initial Post Due: Thursday, by 11:55pm ET
Responses Due: Sunday, by 11:55pm ET