IS 452 Computing Education in Prison annotated bibliography

IS 452 Computing Education in Prison annotated bibliography

Please refer to the Project Proposal section in the instructions I will be providing to you. Also please refer to word counts because this is also important in the instructions. This is for a USA course.

What should be included:

1) A project abstract, 1-2 paragraphs, that clearly states which type of project you are choosing, the theme or research question you’re going after, how it is related to this class, and a general description of what you will be investigating and creating.

2) A list of expected deliverables. Projects are expected to morph and evolve as you begin them, but this outline should make it clear that you’ve thoroughly sketched out your project.

3) Indicate a few deliverables you’d like to have due at the midpoint check in. Note that this doesn’t mean a full draft of your project is due, but indicate what you plan or hope to have done by the midpoint check in date. For example, a detailed outline, sketch, or list of articles. This will depend on the project you describe.

4) Break down your project process into steps (between 5-10 steps), and describe them. This is meant to make you actually think about the process and plan it out.

5) A list of challenges you expect to fact during this project and how you plan to deal with them.