IT625 SNHU Module 3 Project Management Final Project Worksheet Help

I am looking for someone to complete the final project. All of the work has been done, I just need to put together for the final project.

To ensure the IT project can continue on and meet success, you will recommend strategies for managing conflict, communication, and strengthening the team; evaluate the current state of the project; determine the extent to which corrective action must be taken; and address project planning and controls. You will create several artifacts during this course, such as Gantt charts, a work breakdown schedule, and a communications plan. These elements will be used to inform your final project. They should be included in the appendix of your project plan.

This project will be completed in stages called milestones. Each milestone you complete in this course will be used to build to the submission of your final project. Each milestone has a specific set of guidelines, with a separate document for each. Milestones should be completed in a draft format. Your instructor will provide feedback to you on all of the milestones, and you should use this feedback to create a final, polished project plan for your final submission. Many of the milestones will be done in outline or table form, but you should think of these as rough drafts or sketches that will contribute to your final project. Also, you should submit and retain any supporting documents, often referred to as “artifacts” in this document. These may include, but are not limited to, Gantt charts, work breakdown schedules, and/or a communication plan.