Journal Report – Class Assignments Help

REPORT: Typewritten preferred, double space; 4-5 pages
JOURNAL: Selection criteria:
1. Refereed
2. Any medical/health/laboratory science field
3. Published within last 3 years
ARTICLE Selection criteria:
1. Pertinent to Hematology/Cellular Pathology
2. Minimum length of 3 pages
1. Who – author(s)
2. What – topic
3. When – date and time frame of research
4. Where – journal; place of research
5. Why – purpose of research/investigation
6. How – methods used
7. Conclusions – of author(s)
8. Your opinion – critique – what did you learn?
a. clarity
b. logical – sequencing
c. appropriately referenced
d. expertise of author
NOTE: These are to be research articles; as such, they should have an “Introduction”, “Methods and Materials”, “Results” and “Discussion”. Do not use a “review article” which will simply discuss a topic,
The original article is to be attached to the report. Any plagiarism will result in a 0.0. Articles must be summarized in your own words.