Key Features of Boston and the larger Massachusetts PP Presentation

totally15 to 20 slides along with a page of essay which could present with your slides , work cited needed

1.the first slice must be the picture of Boston with a simple description on it. for example, Tokyo city in motion.

2.second slide should be the outline.for example, -introduction:my focus

-evidence:what I will show

-conclusion:what I found


3. you must use maps to clearly locate the city in its context and identify features that were key to what was to follow

4.for the context, if it is specific are/feature of Boston,its place/relationship to the larger city was clearly explained

5.if comparison used, made a specific point, to help illustrate a larger idea

6.for the conclusion, a strong sense of building up the elements of the presentation, piece by piece ,to arrive at a few clear conclusion.