Khmer Rouge Death Machine and Act of Killing Documentary Comparative Analysis

Watch these 2 documentary below and write a comparative analysis on both documentary to compare and contrast the killings in the two documentary u answering the 9 questions below with the three resource pdf below in the paper also. APA citation format!

First documentary: ,

Second documentary:

1. Brief description of both documentary

2. Analysis and interpretation of the documentary , did you have any prior knowledge about this before? Is it convinving? Was it told complete?

3. Evaluation of the documentary, what was the message?

4. Relating the documentaries to the three resources added

5. What are the backgrounds leading to the mass killings in the two countries?

6. Why did the perpetrators participate in the killings?

7. Did they feel remorse about their acts?

8. Were the perpetrators be responsible for their murderous acts?

9. Have perpetrators been brought to justice in the two cases?