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Kim Woods

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Self-CareYvette Lunday6/8/2017 7:51:57 PM 

Self-care involve involuntary activities performed by an individual in order to help manage stress, for mental development, body fitness, environmental awareness and for spiritual uplift. Every individual need a well set structure of self-cares daily so the holistic health living is enhanced. The plans need to be SMART fashioned with necessary ingredients, concrete methodologies, measurable and activities that are attainable (Salloum et al., 2015).

Personally, as a caregiver I am involve in various self-care duties daily. I indulge in the physical, psychological, professional, social and spiritual care. In physical care, I maintain body fitness by exercising my breathing rhythm, body stretching and relaxation, I keep timely and enough sleep periods and observed balanced diet and eating discipline. My psychological care involves utilizing my leisure time either walking or going out dancing.  Professedly, I consult journals and books concerning the issues met in the line of duty. I also seek the indulgence of other experienced professionals in identifying the new tends in the world social setting. Attending workshops and seminars also built me professionally. Socially, my care includes visiting friends and making stories up concerning our past, visiting social sites and interacting with my friends at work place. My spiritual being is built by me praying daily and attending Church on Sundays, along with watching evangelist on the social media each morning. I also take time out to pray and meditate on my God and my spiritual beliefs, also and appreciating the magnificent creations that surrounds me in this world.

Self-care is very instrumental in building someone physically. Stretching make the body flexible and may aid reducing injuries in case of accidents. The self-care that relaxes the mind gives the body a mental stability and emotional balance. Adding fiction, cultural and professional literature builds one mental thinking and make him socio-culturally competent. One is able to interact positively with many different life settings and becomes professionally knowledgeable. Spiritually, one is established to pursue and recover spiritual sounds that are important in their daily endeavors I am recreating my abilities as a worker. A person that is active and disciplined in self-care is always sound, stable and effective in the service delivery (Skovholt et al., 2014; Salloum et al., 2015).


Salloum, A., Kondrat, D. C., Johnco, C., & Olson, K. R. (2015). The role of self-care on compassion satisfaction, burnout and secondary trauma among child welfare workers. Children and Youth Services Review, 49, 54-61.

Skovholt, T. M., & Trotter-Mathison, M. (2014). The resilient practitioner: Burnout prevention and self-care strategies for counselors, therapists, teachers, and health professionals. Routledge.

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RE: Self-CareAllison Cruz6/9/2017 4:32:55 PM 


Your self care techniques are awesome. I think it is amazing that you have found a balance that works for you and your success.  Have you always incorporated these techniques in your lifestyle? Why do you think it is important for individuals who are mental health professionals to practice and maintain self care? Steel, MacDonald, Schroder and Mellor-Clark (2015) state that client perception of therapist burnout has been associated with worse outcomes and higher burnout levels have been linked to lower self-perceived effectiveness in mental health professionals. Do you think therapists have an ethical responsibility to remain mentally healthy? I look forward to your response. 

Best Regards, 

Allison C. 


Steel, C., Macdonald, J., Schröder, T., & Mellor-Clark, J. (2015). Exhausted but not cynical: burnout in therapists working within Improving Access to Psychological Therapy Services. Journal Of Mental Health, 24(1), 33-37.


Disscussion 2Jamesenna Anderson6/8/2017 9:10:48 PM 

Self-care is very important for a therapist in the mental health field because counselors and therapists show empathy so much to their clients it’s hard for them to be able to release all of the stresses of the day without some type of self-care ritual. The type of self-care I indulge in regularly is journaling. I have a membership at a massage parlor and at least one night a week I devote mommy time away from the kids and family to catch up on my television shows and movies.  I use candles in my bath time , this contributes to my therapeutic intervention home  environment. I have not been successful in maintaining anything the last couple of weeks, since my favorite lady died. Self care has been a challenge. I can be perfectly fine and break down without a trigger. I have been successful with helping the many family calls in distress, yet find myself thinking. I don’t wanna fix myself. I just want her back.Working in the field, I find time to talk to colleagues to relieve stress. In the future I plan to have a meditation room for staff that they can make use of an hour after work. I once read an article where a guy used a landmark as a reminder to cut off all his previous thoughts from the work day and I also plan to do the same. I also have thoughts to start jogging. Writing in my journal helps so I also plan to continue doing that. Journaling helps me organize my thoughts and releases stress of trying to remember things.