Labetalol Betamethasone

Part I
1. Define Cervical Dilation
2. Define Effacement
3. Describe Stage One of Labor
a. Latent Phase
b. Active Phase
c. Transition

4. Describe Stage Two
5. Describe Stage Three
6. How is the frequency of contractions measured?
7. How is the duration of contractions measured?

8. Describe each of the following fetal heart rate patterns:
a. Accelerations
b. Early Decelerations
c. Late Decelerations
d. Variable Decelerations

9. List three (3) non-pharmacologic methods of pain management for the laboring mother.
10. Provide the following information for each:
1. Preeclampsia
2. Gestational Diabetes
3. Preterm Labor

A.  Definition
B. Diagnostic criteria
C. Signs and symptoms
D. Treatment
E. Nursing Management

For each of the medications listed below, describe:
1. Their generic and trade names
2. Indications in relation to Maternal Child Health
3. Side effects
4. Nursing Considerations for/during use
L & D Medications Postpartum/Antepartum Medications
Oxytocin Colace
Magnesium Sulfate (MgSO4) Methergine
Ampicillin Hemabate
Terbutaline Rho-Gam
Labetalol Betamethasone
Hydralazine Ibuprofen
Misoprostil Percocet
Nifedipine Nursery Medications
Stadol Hepatitis B Vaccine
Duramorph Erythromycin eye ointment
Fentanyl Vitamin K
Indomethacin Sweet-Ease
Describe the following methods of birth control: