Lurie Children Hospital of Chicago & Johns Hopkins Hospital Presentation

2 powerpoint each one is about 12 slides

the whole context must be about the Finishes that they used and what did they did right and what’s wrong in the interior design like the nature and the daylight the colors large windows view to nature things like that

Pulled points – enough context enough pictures – that is 12 to 15 minutes talk

the first powerpoint must be about

Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago

and the second one must be about

THE Johns Hopkins Hospital ( make sure that it is the one in Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan Tower or the one in The Charlotte R. Bloomberg Children’s Center but NOOOT BOTH ONLY ONE OF THEM )

the whole project is all about interior design and what did they do well in the design and what did they do bad the whole sources must be from good articles and add reference page……

two good articles to be used