M2A1 Excelsior Descriptive Statistics and Data Visualizations Excel Paper

In this assignment, you will continue to learn Excel’s capability to help you manipulate and analyze large data sets using Pivot tables to develop descriptive statistics. Further, you will use Excel’s excellent charting capabilities to communicate your important points and summaries by linking Excel objects in a written report using Word.

After reading Chapters 3 and 4 in the Evans text, please complete the following assignment.

This activity addresses the following module outcomes:

  • MO1: Calculate descriptive statistics and use them to create and communicate meaningful information. (CO2)
  • MO2: Create effective Excel charts such as scatter, column, area, and histograms. (CO1, 6)
  • MO3: Evaluate data through the use of Excel Pivot Tables/Charts for exploration, summarization, and visualization. (CO1, 2, 6)
  • MO4: Use basic and advanced Excel skills to manipulate data. (CO1, 2)

Use the following steps to complete this activity:

  1. Download the M2A1 Data file [XLSX file, 108KB].
  2. Open the M2A1 Student Instructions page [PDF file, 598KB] and complete the activity as directed.
  3. When you have completed the activity, and saved your work, use the following information to prepare your document for submission.
    • Please ensure that your work is completed in a single Excel file. You may use a different worksheet for each problem.