m7d1 humanities

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m7d1 humanities

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Watch the film based on William Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing, featuring Kenneth Branagh, Emma Thompson, Keanu Reeves, Denzel Washington, et al.

In cinema and theatrical productions, plot can be described as actions and events driven by characters and circumstances. Choose two of the following significant characters from Much Ado About Nothing: Beatrice, Benedick, Borachio, Claudio, Dogberry the Constable, Don John, Don Pedro (the Prince), Hero, Margaret, Senor Leonato. For the character you select, address the following in your initial post:

  • Comment on the character’s inner motives and attitudes and how he or she reacts to various circumstances.
  • Discuss how the character’s actions affect other characters and the overall plot.
  • How does the character grow as a person? What, if anything, can we learn from him or her?