make a powerpoint presentation

make a powerpoint presentation

make a powerpoint presentation capable for 5 minutes of presenting. Make it from the uploaded paper and follow the guidelines to make it, include a video or something to make it attractive.

Presentation Requirements: You will have about 5 minutes to present your paper topic (points will be

deducted if you are under or over this time period). Presentations should include the following

information: 1) overview of the treatment, 2) the communication disorder the treatment targets, and 3)

the evidence for that treatment. Not all treatments will have positive evidence and these negative

findings should also be provided. The purpose of these presentations will be to provide your audience

with an overview of the current treatment approaches within a given topic area. With that in mind (and

thinking as an apprentice clinician), think about what YOU would want to learn from such a presentation

and tailor it to match. Points will be based on content; however, your audience would probably appreciate some creativity in these presentations (e.g.,

demonstrations of the treatment).