Managing Quality and Risk – Valuing Diversity Assignment

Managing Quality and Risk – Valuing Diversity Assignment

Managing quality often means addressing small issues so that they do not escalate into risks for the organization. This week’s learning activities addressed some of the organizational challenges nursing leaders are likely to face and how to create a plan of action.

This week the focus is on creating a comprehensive and logical roll out plan for an intervention to your Chief Nursing Officer (CNO).

Select one of the topics from this week’s learning activities:

  • Mitigating bullying and lateral violence
  • Managing conflict
  • Using power to influence
  • Improving communication
  • Valuing diversity

Develop a plan to carry out your selected topic as a nurse leader on your floor. Consider:

  • Available resources: time, budget, space, personnel
  • Employee engagement
  • Change management principles
  • Team dynamics

Create a presentation to show your CNO how you plan to address the topic.

How to get started: A plan of action is always presented for approval and implementation of a specific plan. First, start with your topic of choice and state why this is an issue. Then discuss a evidence-based resolution and rationale for the issue. Use the four areas above to create a roll out plan.

Resources- what is needed to get the plan implemented such as what is needed to teach the staff, staff allowance to go to training, and more tangible items such as the budget with pens/computers/lunch/staff pay. What is the time line. What other departments might be needed to implement the intervention?

Employee Engagement- how will you get the staff engaged-or buy into- or involved with the solution?

Change Management Principles- for example using Lewin’s theory of change, what changes need to happen to implement your plan? What might the staff experience during the transistion?

Team dynamics- utilize various team dynamics to change behavior and performance in accordance with the change idea. For example, to implement a zero tolerance bullying policy, what behaviors do you want your team to learn and internalize to be able to exhibit appropriate behaviors in line with a zero tolerance bullying policy?

Then create a roll-out plan of how your intervention will be implemented-the focus of this weeks assignment. Use a timeline to help structure the roll out plan. Add in the details as the plan proceeds. You can address the four areas above at anytime during the plan.

Format your assignment as one of the following:

  • 7- to 10-slide presentation with cited speakers notes
  • 15- to 20 minute oral presentation
  • 450-750 word executive summary
  • Another format approved by your instructor

Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.

Please use 3-5 Evidence-based sources to substantiate the plan submitted to the CNO.

APA 6th edition, Times New Roman, 12 font, black colored font, double-spaced, headings, in-text citations, cover and reference page. Do not use 1st person [No “I”, “we”, “me” etc.] Refer to additional APA documents in week 1 under recommended activities or utilize the wonderful writing center available to you. Click on Library to go to the writing labs and assistance.