Mark Twain Analytical Research Paper

Your paper consists of FOUR parts:

I) the biography of the person with an emphasis on the most important events in his/her life especially those that might have influenced his/her writing (use at least TWO secondary sources);

II) the points expressed by experts about the person’s writing styles/abilities, most important works, the scope of his/her influence on other writers, and other relevant features of his/her writing (use at least TWO secondary sources);

III) your own personal analysis of the person’s writing: what are the main works or aspects of his/her works that you liked/disliked and what is your predictions about this person’s ability to relate to the future generations. If you wish, you can also interview some of our professors or other experts and seek their input as well;

IV) A writing sample, e. g. a poem/stanzas/one page prose.

Format: *MLA style *You may switch your verb tenses as the direction of the paper determines the more appropriate tense(s). *Use parenthetical documentation within the body of your paper *Use a separate Works Cited page and correctly include your sources *Avoid contractions and “you”, “we”, “us”, “I” *Do NOT exceed the maximum required 700-750 words *


Part I: Start your paper with 2-3 paragraphs that summarize the author’s bio and include only the major events of his/her life *Identify and list, in chronological order, his/her major published works and indicate the type and scope of his/her achievements (awards, translation, academic recognition/distinction, and the like)

Part II: Indicate what your sources have stated about: A) his/her style and language; B) influence on other writers and society at large; C) the scope of his/her national and universal appeal/translation into other languages; D) films/TV shows based on his/her works or about him/her; E) his/her philosophical, political, and societal beliefs, etc.

Part III: State your own specific observations and make references to experts’ views to substantiate your points.

Part IV: Provide a sample work which could be lines/excerpts recited by the author himself/herself or by others.