Marxist Theory in Hamlet Discussion 9

Discussion 9 – Hamlet & Marxism

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Step 1: Complete the play: Acts III-V

Step 2: Listen to the lecture I am recycling from last semester. I am sorry; I was not able to re-record the lecture.

Hamlet and Marxism.mp3Play media comment.

Step 2: Applying Marxism as it DIRECTLY RELATES to Hamlet, please respond to ONE of the questions listed below.

Questions from Purdue OWL, edited by Professor S: Looking through the Marxist critical lens, answer ONE of these questions as it relates to Hamlet. Make sure to incorporate support from the play. Use only relevant support, not random quotes.

  • Does the play aim to represent any one group as superior over another? (Remember: You’re not limited to discussing things in terms of economics. You can focus on any disparity of power)
  • What values does the play reinforce?
  • What values does the play subvert?
  • What conflict can be seen between the values the play champions and those it portrays?
  • What social classes do the characters represent, and how do characters from different classes interact or conflict?

Remember: Your analysis should be grounded in Marxist theory.

Step 3: Reply to at least one other post. Did your peer effectively apply Marxist theory? Do you agree with your peer’s analysis? Explain.