Media and Children Aggression Fear and Altruism Article Summary

Read the file that I attached, which summarizes various areas of research related to the influence of the media on children’s emotional, moral and altruistic development. After reading the attachment, respond to the following items in a 2 – 3 page response paper.

  1. What is the author’s contention about the effect of the media on prosocial development?
  2. Describe the connection between the different topics discussed. That is, how might the development of emotional empathy be related to moral development and/or prosocial behavior?
  3. Connect the article to material discussed in the textbook. That is, find at least one concept discussed in the text that relates to the material discussed in the article and explain the connection.
  4. Critical thinking: Given that the research suggests that there are positive media effects on children’s’ behavior, why do you think we hear so much about the negative effects? Explain your answer.