Medial malleolus


Question 1

How should you determine whether a murmur is systolic or diastolic?

Palpate the carotid pulse

Palpate the radial pulse

Judge the relative length of systole and diastole by auscultation

Correlate the murmur with a bedside heart monitor

Question 2

Common or concerning symptoms to inquire about in the General Survey and vital signs include all of the following except _________________.

changes in weight

fatigue and weakness


fever and chills

Question 3

Mrs. Anderson presents with an itchy rash which is raised, and which appears and disappears in various locations. Each lesion lasts for many minutes. What most likely accounts for this rash?

Insect bite

Urticaria or hives



Question 4

Steve has just seen a 5-year-old girl who wheezes when exposed to cats. The patient s family history is positive for asthma. You think the child most likely has asthma. What have you accomplished?

You have tested your hypothesis

You have developed a plan

You have established a working diagnosis

You have created a hypothesis

Question 5

You note a painful ulcerative lesion near the medial malleolus, with accompanying hyperpigmentation. Which of the following etiologies is most likely?

Arterial insufficiency

Neuropathic ulcer

Venous insufficiency