Mental health services

Nursing is career established in professional morals, principles, and standards. Nursing being one of the difficult careers to achieve and maintain. Nurses must secure certain qualities such as effective communication, optimistic, compassionate, knowledgeable, and empathetic etc. Compassion being one of the key factors one could acquire as a nurse, helps shaped patients’ life.

Is mental health on a rapid rise in the United States of America? The growing demand for mental health services, together with current and increasing shortages of mental health professionals and increasing adoption of integrated models of care delivery, suggest nurses will become increasingly needed to provide mental health services (David et al., 2021). The use of substance abuse, opioids, severe depression, rampant gun violent has led to the rise of mental and Behavioral health.

In my current job as a Case Manager in a mental facility, the majority of our patients are adults with serious depression, anxiety, mood disorder and more. People with a mental disorder diagnosis are at more than double the risk of all-cause mortality than the general population. Most at risk are those with psychosis, mood disorder and anxiety diagnoses (Cite). These individuals are mostly involved in suicidal attempts or harming themselves or others around them, giving behavioral health organizations to create care plans for them managed my nurses, social workers, case workers and more.

Census shows the demand for nurses in the mental health sector therefore Registered Nurses RN’s and Nurse Practitioners NPs earn more than other nurses in other areas. Registered Nurses who work in mental health services create patients’ diagnosis, they develop treatment plans for patients, organize and assess treatments together with other activities. The increasing demand for mental health services coupled up with the shortage of outpatient mental health professionals suggests nurses will be highly needed to provide healthcare services for mental health patients.

Census from (David et al., 2021) revealed that Registered Nurses ready to work in the mental health services are relatively females and older and they are white compared to other sectors. RNs working in outpatient mental health are considerably older than other

RNs, with just under 10% under age 35 compared to 22% of all other RNs, and nearly half are 50 and over. Outpatient mental health nurses RNs and NPs practiced team-based care. Majority of NPs and RNs hired receive information while training on the job. NPs stand a chance of receiving training while in studies which makes outpatient NPs do not get team-based care training.

Mental health is a growing concern in the United States, majority of mental health patients are homeless and some of them are living in the homeless shelter. Economy in the United States is a major factor leading to the larger number of mental health patients and living condition and individual entitlements from the federal Government is a great contribution the high rise of mental health patient and their homelessness. States should take a great caution in training nurses as the high rise of mental health patients leads to high demand of nurses for mental health. Shortage of nurses leads to burnouts, fatigues and mental disorder in nurses.


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