MKTG 202 MCQ Food Court Case Summary

1. The research problem

This is the summary of business problem and qualitative research you have done in Week 2-4. You should provide brief overview of your earlier research findings of qualitative study that contribute to this quantitative study.

a) Background

Provide a short description of the context of the business problem. Brief the qualitative research findings that lead to the recognition of business problem. Conduct secondary research if necessary.

Where Progress Report A helped you to understand what was going on,

You must clearly identify the relevant student’s name and SID in each section of your report. Failure to do this will result in marks being withheld. For example, if each student is responsible for a section, then that student’s name and SID should be typed alongside the relevant heading.

MKTG202 2019 S1 1

Department of Marketing Faculty of Business and Economics

Progress Report B is your plan to understand how much it is going on. Examples:

  • now that you have learned what criteria people use to judge MQ-branded merchandise, you can design and present alternative options to people to work out which is likely to be the best: “Which of three MQ-branded t- shirt designs should the MQ shop sell?”
  • now that you know the motivations for driving to campus instead of taking public transport, you can ask, “How much should be charged for on-campus parking that will limit demand to manageable levels?”
  • b) Statement of the Research Problem

    Clearly state the research problem and explain its importance (why should the decision marker care about this problem?). Explain how answering this problem can help solve the business decision problem (e.g., what is the sales/profitability that answering this question could impact?)

    All the work must be original

    Turn it in report is required