Mod 5 Difference Between Data Governance and Information Governance Paper

Mod 5 Difference Between Data Governance and Information Governance Paper

Big data has become the big issue in healthcare. What do we mean by big data?

So much of what we do in the health information management profession evolves around how we work with and management of data. Remember that data is the foundation of information used to make decisions, set policy, and define quality of care for patients. It is important to understand the differences between data governance and information governance in healthcare and health information management.

Research these two concepts and prepare a written paper that explains the difference between data and information governance.

You will need to conduct a search on “Data Governance” and “Information Governance”. You may use the AHIMA’s BoK (Body of Knowledge), if you are an AHIMA member as your search engine, but other search engines will provide results as well. You will want to limit your search to healthcare so that your results relate only to healthcare, Data Governance and Information Governance, rather than general knowledge.

Be sure to review the article below from your assigned reading which can be found at the following link:

  • Dimick, Chris. “Governance Apples and Oranges: Differences Exist Between Information Governance, Data Governance, and IT Governance” Journal of AHIMA 84, no.11 (November 2013): 60-62.

Include the following.

  • 1 to 2 pages
  • 3 scholarly resources
  • APA format and work must be properly cited
  • Spelling and grammar error free