Movie Review over Malcolm X (1992)


Films are great venues to get people excited about history; however, not all movies are historically accurate and may leave out critical information. Follow the Movie Review Format and directions to complete the assignment. Below you will find a list of movies that deals with our semester study. You will choose one from the list to watch. Write a summary of the film, research the truth behind the film, and evaluate how the filmmakers did at retelling true events. Choose a move you have not seen before. Before you know it, you’ll writing like a movie critic/historian!

Paper Format

Subtitle 1: General Film Info

Title of Film (Year Produced)



Main Actors

Awards (nominations or wins)

Subtitle 2: The Film

1-2 pages in length

Plot: Write a synopsis, or summary, of the film. Make sure that your summary makes sense to a reader who does not know the movie. Do not refer to specific scenes and do not try to explain everything. You must also include in your description of the story the following items:

Place and time:

Where does the action take place? When does the action take place? (present time, 19th century, etc.) Is the story chronological (according to the order of time) or flash back?

Background: society, country, kind of people (age, culture social class), historical time, etc.

Subtitle 3: The Truth

1-2 pages in length

Research the true history of the historical event, person(s), time period, or institution portrayed in the film. You may want to begin with a film review site for an overview of the film, but this site will NOT provide students with the historical background, or content needed, to complete the review assignment. For research, students should use print or online resources found in the TCC Library or Database.

Subtitle 4: Comparison & Evaluation

1-2 pages in length

To what extent is the film historically accurate? Identify specific accuracies and director’s liberties with the film. How has the film furthered student knowledge of the history portrayed?

Provide an evaluation of the film. Give your opinion, but it must be more than “I liked it.” This is important as the reviewer can express the elements of the movie they enjoyed or disliked. However, as in all good journalism, the reviewer should also give impartial details, and allow the reader to make up their own mind over an issue the reader liked or disliked. Opinions should be explained to allow the reader to determine whether they would agree with your opinion.

General Formatting

  • All sources must be cited in a Works Cited Page
  • 3-6 Pages (excluding Works Cited)
  • Typed
  • MLA format
  • Worth 100 Points