MTH245 Northern Virginia Community College Statistics Data Set Project

Project #1 (10 points)

Please choose/generate a data set 50 numbers with 2 variables.

For example:

(Study hours of 1000 students in MTH245 in NVCC and their points received in a test)

Or any other from the available data sets

  • Make a table of variable, frequency, relative frequency (proportions) and percentage.
  • Plot histograms with the data.Decide an interval based on your data spread and should be kept between 5 and 10 intervals.
  • Characterize the distribution in terms of mode (s) (only 1, 2 or multi), skewness.
  • Calculate mean, median, and mode.Does skewness is ascertained from the data?
  • What is the range and standard deviation of the data?
  • Identifying the variables in the data set as x and y, create a scatter plot.Can you identify any relation between them?
  • Determine the value of correlation r between them and the equation of regression line.

Does your identification agrees with the data?Please plot the line on the scatter plot.