Multicultural Issues Impact Curriculum Instruction & Assessment Presentation

Multicultural Issues Impact Curriculum Instruction & Assessment Presentation




Suppose you have been asked to develop, deliver, and conduct a presentation for new educators in your instructional setting. This presentation will occur during the pre-planning time; these educators have not yet begun their first day of teaching.

In the presentation, you are to discuss multicultural strategies and how they impact curriculum, instruction, and assessment. If you currently are a teacher, choose a specific multicultural issue from your teaching experience or a current multicultural challenge in your classroom. Otherwise, choose an issue from the course readings or your previous interviews with teachers.

Limit your presentation length to eight minutes. The best way to do this is by using your narration to pace your presentation. Practice your narration with your slides offline until you can do it at or below the eight-minute limit. In your presentation, you must include the following:

  1. A cover slide with your name, the course number, and the date.
  2. Introduction. Title the slide “Presentation: [your selected issue] and Relevant Evidence-based Strategies Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment.” This part of the presentation will be a maximum of one minute and will serve as a lead-in to the next section, which is the main content portion of your presentation.
  3. Main content. Title the first of these slides “Models and Strategies for Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment.” In this section, identify specific models and strategies that can be used to meet the needs of your students relative to the issue you have selected. You must demonstrate evidence in the form of citations from the academic literature to support why these models and/or strategies are effective. You will need to do library research to find appropriate peer-reviewed articles that are current (published within the last five years, approximately). This part of the presentation will be a maximum of seven minutes.
  4. A reference slide that documents the references you used to craft your presentation.
Slide Formatting Requirements
  • You should include several slides for each of the topics above.
  • Each slide should follow the 7-by-7 rule for designing visual presentations: no more than 7 lines on a slide, no more than 7 words per line.
  • Use bullet points of short phrases on the slides, and discuss your content in the recorded narrative.
Additional Requirements
  • Written communication: Written communication is free of errors that detract from the overall message.
  • Design: Employ effective design strategies to visually organize the information. Avoid colored slide backgrounds and backgrounds with texture, as they have the effect of reducing viewer comprehension. Use graphics to call attention to, highlight, and clarify information for the viewer. Graphics that do not directly support specific content on your slide are distracting and reduce viewer comprehension.
  • APA formatting: Include a references slide formatted according to APA standards.