narrative( event boundaries of text stories)

There is an example on excel file for defining how many event boundaries for some clauses. I want to give two extract for two different stories one from Scottish culture and one from Arabic culture. I want from you to take clauses to put them in excel sheet like the example one and to put number for any changing whether time or goal ..etc like in the example . and do 2 excel file one for Arabic and one for Scottish stories. After u finish from the excel file want you to write an essay 4000 word a discussion and comparison to write., for instance the similarities and differences between these two stories

Notes from the teacher may help: 1-if there is any change of any dimension people tend to pay attention for that

2- if there lot of changing at one clause for example : two hours later Raymond went to a place tripped and decided instead he would go to the hospital ( there is change in time -cause-place- goal )

3- if there is no changing at all there is no event boundaries at all

4 if there is one or two or three changes it is an event boundaries but not big and major one

5- sometimes it hard to mind up to notice these dimensions. You can jus say that in the essay for example u can say one difficulty with this exercise was it not always clear whether a character has changed goal or anything else.. you can be honest. If it does not workout well, you can mention in the essay that the method is quite problematic. You don’t need to pretend everything is great if was not.

6- in the essay also

  • talk about what is the most common kind of dimension changing in one story and then in the other it might be the same for example the change of place most common
  • compare how many event boundaries are there in one story against the other one
  • Where are the big event boundaries in each case
  • U can make a lot of comparisons after collecting data.
  • You can say in the introduction: the expectation: they should be quite similar in some ways because the theory of event boundaries is supposed to be about human physiology not supposed to be about one culture. The theory is: al human pay attention to the same thing but u might find that’s true or not true it does not really matter it still finding. So, a physiologic might expect that it should be quite similar.
  • I will attach one article about the topic and the class slideswith 2 extract from the 2 stories on the word file
  • Example excel sheet

before u offer a bid read the instruction well