NEMontessori Why Online Education Works? Argumentative Essay

To complete this assignment, use the resources found on the Final Project Topics and Resources page and do the following:

  • Briefly describe the argument made by your primary article.
  • Then, after reading the additional resources and scholarly resources for your chosen topic, identify alternatives to the perspective of the original resource. Is there an opposing side to the argument? If not, what alternative perspectives could you take when developing your own argument?
  • Briefly describe what an opposing argument, counterargument, or alternative argument would be.
    • List the premises and conclusion of your new argument.
    • Let the class know which argument you think is stronger and why.
    • Make sure argument is in CRITICAL THINKING STANDARD FORM

    Class,I know that crafting an alternative argument might seem daunting, especially if you agree with a lot of the points of the original argument, but it needn’t be. Take a look at my announcement from yesterday and just know that there are lots of angles to go from to craft an alternative argument. You can either disagree with the primary article’s conclusion and argue the opposite (or some variation of an opposing view) or you can present an argument with different premises than those of the primary argument, but which arrives at the same or a similar conclusion. Your argument can integrate elements of the articles you’ve read, but should be original (not just a repeat of someone else’s argument). Be sure to put it in Standard Form. Let’s see what you come up with! Remember, this is another task that whittles down the Final Project, do working on it now, with me and your classmates, will help you craft a strong section of your paper.