Neurobiological of bipolar associated depression

Neurobiological of bipolar associated depression

1- Describe the neurobiological of bipolar associated depression. Include genetics,
neurotransmitters, neuroanatomical changes, current  theories of the cause of the disease, and cultural factors if it’s involved.)

2-  what is the neurochemistry action of lamotrigine, side effects to monitor, expected benefits for the patient, and contraindications.

3- Describe the non pharmacological treatment for bipolar. (appropriated therapies)

4- there is any laboratory that you need to monitor before or during treatment.

5- what other medication you can consider and why you use lamotrigine as a mono therapy.  What criteria you use to make this decision?

Use APA and Include references from at least 3 sources  including the article
from a journal, no older than 5 years