Nike and Adidas Forecasting Model Base and Financial Analysis Final Report

Nike and Adidas Forecasting Model Base and Financial Analysis Final Report

Can you make adjustment on forecasting model base on the work you have done?

Deliverable 3

  1. Using the Excel worksheets provided separately, complete a parsimonious forecast and discounted cash flow valuation for each company. Include a screen capture of the results in your deliverable.
  2. Summarize in your deliverable key notes to the forecast and valuation for each company, explaining your main assumptions and providing sources for your assumptions where applicable.

4. Based on the results of your forecast and valuation, answer the following questions for each company and include the answers in your deliverable:

  1. Is the stock is over- or under-valued based on your valuation?
  2. What are the two main reasons you believe the stock is over- or under-valued?
  3. When you review information from analysts and other experts on the Internet, dotheir comments and conclusions support your conclusions about the stock valuation you have prepared? When answering this question, include support from at least one reputable analyst or expert to support the validity of your conclusion.
  4. Based on comparison of your company’s stock price to your valuation, would you recommend buying this company and, if so, at what price per share?

Summarize the result of your work in a formal deliverable before submitting it to the dropbox assigned in TritonEd. Use the ODH letterhead provided separately as the basis for formatting your deliverable. In addition, the Excel worksheets used for your calculations should be submitted in the same dropbox as the deliverable.

Final Report

  1. Based on the work you have completed, meet with your partner to discuss the pros and cons of each company and come to agreement about which company ODH should acquire and at what price per share. In formulating your conclusion and recommendation, consider which deal, if any, makes the most sense for ODH and whether the deal will create value for ODH? Once you have agreed on your conclusions and recommendations, document them in your final report, including the key reasons for conclusions and recommendations.
  2. Summarize the results of your work in a formal report as follows:
    1. Use the letterhead provided for the report.
    2. Prepare a title page that includes the names of your team members.
    3. Prepare and include an executive summary briefly describing the two companies, thework you performed and your conclusions and recommendations.
    4. Include each of your three deliverables in a separate section of the report.
    5. Prepare and include a conclusion and recommendations section.