“No Child Left Behind” Educational Act

“No Child Left Behind” Educational Act

Locke and Rousseau were ahead of their time in terms of formulating educational methods. The “No Child Left Behind” Educational Act of 2002 mandates yearly standardized testing in reading and math in grades 3-8.

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Please link to and read the following description of the objectives of the NCLB Act: http://www.ed.gov/nclb/overview/intro/execsumm.html

If Locke and Rousseau read this summary of the NCLB Act, how do you believe that they would respond? What portions would each support and what might portions would they find objectionable? Please discuss both theorists in your response.

When you formulate this element of your response, be sure to include at least one reference that was published between 2007-2017 to support your Forum response this week.  All direct quotes need to be in proper APA formatting to avoid the impression of academic dishonesty.