Opinion About Tourism – Contributions of Anthropology Discussion

According to the questions you wrote for me and all the readings I gave to you, please answer the following questions.

200 words for these following 5 questions:

1.) Contributions anthropology has made to the study of tourism

– Be able to elaborate 3 contributions.

– Think also about how anthropological approaches to the study of tourism are problematic.

2.) Four factors that contribute to the social and cultural complexity of touristic encounters (or account for different consequences of tourism)

– Be able to name all the factors and explain 3 of them.

– Think about which examples from the class readings you would use to illustrate these factors.

3.) Authenticity

– Explain in which ways Erve Chambers’ definition challenges conventional ideas of authenticity.

– Think about how this definition can be useful in the study of tourism, and which class readings you would use to illustrate your points.

4.) Factors that limit the effectiveness of tourism as a tool for development and poverty alleviation (4 factors)

– Think about which examples from the class readings you would use to elaborate factors.

– Do not only consider the readings of week 10 but also other class readings that address the issue of tourism and development (e.g., Chambers’ Native Tours).

5.) Involvement of two small-scale groups in tourism, including the effects tourism has on these groups

– Small-scale groups are, e.g.: Maasai (week 2), Embera (week 8), villagers in Ngadha on Flores, Indonesia (week 10), Cree (week 10), Mursi (week 13), Hmong in China (week 13).

– Think about similarities and differences between two groups in regards to how they are involved in and affected by tourism.

700 words for this small essay

Tourism is not a “bad” thing or a “good” thing.

– Think about how you would discuss this statement taken the complexities of tourism under consideration.