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EE Science II Laboratory #11


This laboratory will introduce you to fundamental concepts in optics. In addition to explaining everyday phenomena like the formation of rainbows (dispersion) and displacement of underwater images (refraction), these basic concepts find application in advanced technologies such as light propagation in optical fibers (total internal reflection) and stealth aircraft (oblique incidence and reflection).

You will solve problems on reflection, refraction and beam displacement, beam expansion, and dispersion in the prelab. You will work with three experimental setups based on these problems – first of which, dispersion, will be a demonstration by your instructors. This demonstration will show chromatic dispersion wherein white light splits into its constituent colors due to wavelength dependent refraction. In the second experiment, you will calculate the refractive index of an acrylic slab by measuring the displacement of a laser beam as it passes through the slab for different incident angles. In the third experiment, you will use a pair of lenses expand the diameter of a laser beam.


  • Understand chromatic dispersion
  • Understand Snell’s law of reflection and refraction, critical angle and total internal reflection
  • Understand the working of a lens and use knowledge of focal length to create a beam expansion setup.

Laboratory Report (this what i want) in the templat format attached.

Prepare a short, written report that contains:

1. A one paragraph summary of the laboratory assignment. Summarize all the observations.