-Paragraph 1: include the text info. author info., and few lines of summary. Then a clear statement/thesis on the focus of your response (your answer to ONE SET of questions below!). -The rest of the response will be your analysis that includes quotes

Response #1: Be sure to include a few quotes from text to support your answer. Choose one questions and write a 400 word response.

1a-By infusing African language and proverbs into the novel, Achebe creates what has been called “African English.” What is the effect of his use of language? Why do you think he chooses to do this? Who might be his audience?

1b-Find a proverb and quote it (include page number) OR find a folktale and summarize/quote it (include page number). What does it mean? How do proverbs and/or folktales function within Ibo society?

2a-Describe the various ways in which Ibo society is organized? How would you describe its political system and its religion? What rituals or ceremonies have you encountered? Choose one in particular and discuss its significance. Include quotes and page number.

2b-How does gender factor into the observation of this ceremony and/or system?

Useful links: http://exhibitions.nypl.org/africanaage/essay-colonization-of-africa.html