Personal Privacy and Civic Rights Over Government Intrusion Paper

take a position either one that supports personal privacy and civic rights over government intrusion or one that supports the government’s need to intrude on citizen’s privacy to view on-line correspondences and track down terrorists. To earn FULL-CREDIT you must answer the following questions…MLA style

  1. Terrorist organizations around the world have capitalized on the Internet, web, and social media to recruit new members, train members, and organize members into action. Should the U.S. government spy on these types of on-line activities, and investigate U.S. citizens that associate themselves with these groups on-line? Why or why not?
  2. What, if any, evidence should be required for the U.S. government to “listen in” on phone calls, text messages, email messages, and social media interactions of suspected terrorists?
  3. Terrorists have been known to utilize encrypted on-line communications to orchestrate horrendous acts of terror. In an effort to strike back, the U.S. government has all but shut down services that offer strong encryption for email. Should anyone be allowed to encrypt their communications? Why or why not?
  4. Terrorists are utilizing cyber-attacks to strike at critical resources such as hospitals, electric utilities, water facilities, banks, nuclear power plants, and transportation control systems. How should the U.S. government defend against such attacks? Should it be empowered to utilize the same types of attacks against its enemies?