Plato Apology Argument Discussion

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First, read the entire text of the Apology. Then, focusing especially on the material from the beginning up to 34a, complete the following:

1. Compose 5-6 well-written paragraphs in which you use the text frequently (with marginal references in parentheses) to defend your choice of ONE of the following possibilities:

(a) Socrates is guilty of ‘not believing the city’s gods.’


(b) Socrates is guilty of ‘corrupting the youth.’

After you chose one of the above and submit your 5-6 paragraphs, proceed to #2.

2. Reply to someone’s post and see if you can (respectfully and for the sake of argument), argue against their position, using the text as you did before. Aim for 2-3 paragraphs. So, what this means is that in step #2, you are basically “forced” to defend Socrates ‘innocence’ against whatever charge is in that person’s post.