political sicence

political sicence

Please write 2 paragraphs of what you agree and like about these essays I’m providing below. There’s two short essays. I want to different paragraphs for each of these essays. Please write 2 paragraphs for these essays for each of them, and separately

First essay.

My Congresswoman Lucille Roybal-Allard has incurred many initiatives driven towards bettering the lives of Americans. These initiatives include her position on various matters affecting the society and aimed towards improving the lives of Americans. While her actions are diverse in nature, I agree with her stance on most matters. Some of the positions taken by the Congresswoman that best align with my opinions are her position in regards to Newborn Screening Saves Lives Reauthorization Act, employment of DACA students in federal institutions as well as the 2020 NIH spending bill.

As identified by the Congresswoman Lucille, the amount of tax money spent by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to abuse and subject animals to wasteful experiments surpasses expenditures of all other federal agencies. I strongly object submission of animals to harmful experiments that are also abusive in nature. Animal testing is cruel and at the same time inhumane and as a result, I believe that alternative methods should be used to replace animal testing. Further, since animals are very different from human beings, studies conducted on animals are often irrelevant and the results obtained useless. Approximately 7,000 primates in the country have been subjected to scientific testing from 2014 to 2018 by the National Institutes of Health (Becker 4). In the course of this period, the institution increased experiments that cause “maximum pain” by 300% and unfortunately, no relief is given to the affected animals. Some of the experiments conducted on animals include; destruction of monkey brains, infection of monkeys with HIV-like viruses, introducing electrodes in monkey skulls, among others. These experiments are harmful to the animals that in most cases die or are left in critical conditions. As a result I agree with Congresswoman Lucille’s position that the NIH needs to develop both a timeline as well as a plan to minimize animal experiments that aims at replacing primate experiments with alternative methods and retirement of the primates to sanctuaries.

Congresswoman Lucille alongside Congressman Mike Simpson, Congresswoman Jaime Herrera Beutler and House Democratic Caucus Vice Chair Katherine Clark introduced the Newborn Screening Saves Lives Reauthorization Act a measure that will significantly minimize newborn deaths as well as severe disabilities through the adaptation of homogenous and comprehensive screening tests for newborns. The bipartisan Act is intended to help states in improving newborn screening programs in order to enhance wellbeing of newborns. The number of newborns who die at birth or develop chronic disabilities as a result of diseases that are preventable and curable at a tender age is significantly high. As a result, introducing an Act that requires states to enhance newborn screening tests is an effective measure to enhance the health of the country. As identified by Rep. Simpson, early detection as well as preventative medicines are effective strategies for saving lives and at the same time minimizing the rising cost of care in the country. The bill introduces tools that will enable approximately 12,000 babies on annual basis to identify rare and treatable conditions.

Ultimately, the third position taken by the Congresswoman Lucille that I strongly agree with is the passage of the bill to allow DACA recipients to receive employment in the U.S. Legislative Branch. Currently, the Nationality Act (INA) forbids employers and federal agencies from deliberately hiring aliens without authorization to work in the country. While the aliens are authorized to work in the country, the INA forbids them from working within federal agencies. I believe that DACA recipients should be able to work in any work environment that they hold qualifications for. While opponents of employment of DACA recipients in the federal agencies strongly oppose my position, I believe that DACA youth people should be given an opportunity to contribute to the country’s democracy and represent their communities in federal agencies as identified by Congresswoman Lucille. Therefore, I agree with all agendas held by my Congresswoman Lucille so far and like her approach and opinion to most matters affecting Americans. I feel that she truly has the best interests of Americans at her heart.

Second Essay

I chose the 75-year old Jose Serrano who represents the 15th District of New York through the Democrats party. While he has been a House Representative since 1990, he only began representing the 15th district in 2013, having held similar positions in the 18th and 16th districts before that. As a Congressman, Jose Serrano works to serve the interest of his constituency, allowing all citizens under his jurisdiction to have proper legislation that helps improve their lives (United States House of Representatives 1). Given the nature of such work, Serrano, therefore, holds several views regarding several essential issues; hence this essay discusses his stand on several issues and why such beliefs are agreeable or disagreeable.

Foreign Wars

The Congressman holds the view that military intervention abroad is not essential. If anything, it is costly and taints the image of America as a world-leading figure for peace and democracy.

I agree to this view given that the presence of the troops abroad has only given birth to more conflict even making it harder to achieve the initial goal of stopping terror, violence and promoting peace and democracy. Additionally, much of the security budget tends to focus on military expenditure, wasting several billions of federal dollars that would have otherwise been spent elsewhere to better Americans’ lives. Thirdly, the presence of these troops abroad portrays America as a dictator who seeks to promote democracy and peace through force.

Civil Rights

The Democrat understands the need to protect individual civil rights and liberties. Therefore he has supported motions and laws that protect women and other vulnerable individuals from gender-based violence and has been at the forefront to allow for the normalization of same-sex marriages.

I agree with these views given that each regardless of sexual orientation is still American, whose rights must be protected. This is similarly true for gender equality as well as the opposition for gender-based violence. Women play an essential role in the development of a country just as much as any other citizen hence I agree with Serrano’s views and decision to protect such individuals

The Budget and Economy

The Congressman holds that the government should do more to help individuals who have the least of resources take its central position in assisting families to meet their ends by pushing for tax reliefs and enhancing unemployment benefits among other measures. He further believes that the government should not prioritize spending in case the debt limit is reached.

The government has an essential role in the economic lives of its citizens. To do this, the government can help with subsidies on certain products, and services such as education and health, both of which take up substantial amounts of funds from citizens. On the other hand, however, I disagree with his views on public debt and prioritization. I think once the debt limit is reached, the government should prioritize areas where more funds are needed and why. Prioritization helps eliminate unnecessary funding channeling funds to only those areas that are of importance to the citizen. Lack of prioritization would result in more significant problems since in the long run; all projects would stall.

Gun Control

Jose E. Serrano believes that gun makers and sellers should be responsible for the misuse of their weapons (United States House of Representatives 1).

On the one hand, it would be disagreeable to implicate a gun maker for abuse as that is an action that occurs at the tail end. However, I agree that gun makers can set sale policies to sellers, who then reinforce such on individuals buying such weapons. His views on gun control are therefore agreeable since firearms, while used for protection and sport increase the dangers within the society especially in a place like the Bronx, where gangs and criminals are always posing a threat to innocent lives. Weak gun laws do not even attempt to make it safer if anything; it only gets more dangerous.