Possible characteristics of patient abuse

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Nurses should protect the patients by detecting any form of abuse when the patients visit the hospital. Consequently, a nurse should understand the possible characteristics of patient abuse among the vulnerable groups in the community. A health provider should note potential abuse and violence cases in a family after conducting a physical assessment on a patient. In children’s cases, the provider may note emotional changes, fresh wounds in the body parts, broken limbs and fractures, and abnormal weight loss (Bywaters et al., 2016). In addition, a nurse may be watchful for unnecessary dark marks on the child’s body because they may be signs of earlier battery and injury. Children, especially at the infant stage, experience massive abuse from their caregivers and legal custodians who cannot provide the necessary care required by children in this stage of growth (Pomeranz, 2018). In addition, the possible characteristics of domestic violence include the inability of the victim to speak in the presence of the alleged abuser, the victim citing cases of threats from the abuser, and an extremely controlling behavior from the alleged abuser.

In the U.S, different states have different ways of mandated reporting rights, especially for children who may experience neglect and abuse. In Florida, a mandated reporter can offer reports to the Florida Institute for Child Welfare giving details of child abuse or neglect instances. The children’s department has a laid-out procedure for every nurse to follow while reporting child abuse or neglect in my facility. Nurses make substantial reports to the head of the children’s department in the hospital. After thorough scrutiny, the head relays information to the Florida Institute for Child Welfare with approximately 48 hours for action.


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