ppt slide 10 mins presentation

The students will utilize the readings for their assigned week to prepare a 10-15 min presentation that offers a critical perspective on the topic and reading. Students should prepare two critical questions for the class to facilitate class engagement and discussion. Along with the discussion of the reading(s) student’s may also draw upon relevant examples and anecdotes from Television shows, YouTube video, Twitter, Instagram, news articles, literature, philosophy, historical examples, etc., to illustrate and contextualize their perspective.

Because the presentations are meant to expand the range of topics in television and citizenship to accommodate student interests, this presentation should not simply summarize the reading(s). Instead, students should identify the main thesis of the article, the critical/theoretical perspective of the author(s) and key terminology and examples. The presenters should offer a media example(s) to illustrate their points. At the conclusion of the presentation, presenters should pose two questions to stimulate class discussions. Questions like “How many of you use your phone to watch TV?” are interesting questions but not analytical. Presenters should utilize slide presentations with limited text on each slide.