Precious Metals in Materials Recovery Facilities Paper

Please ready carefully.

I want to have 4 full pages about the Precious Metal in Material Recovery Facilities.

It is usually found in e-waste streams, electrical waste streams, or electronic waste streams.

You have to focus only on the precious metals such as Titanium, Gold, and silver etc..

Don’t write anything on Plastic, Glass, Paper, Aluminum.

Don’t write anything about the health problem.

The four pages should be focusing mainly on
1- The separation rate ( Recovery rate) at material recover facilities
2- The cost collection of those precious metals in materials recovery facilities and which method they are used to collect those metals?
3- The procedure of collection those precious metals in materials recovery facilities.
4- Advantages and disadvantages of those precious metals in material recovery facilities.

Each paragraph must have a reference.
Don’t write anything from your mind.
Every sentence must be valid and true. I will not accept anything not correct or wrong..

Must take care of grammar as well as plagiarisms
At least 6 references

Hint : You will find all information in e-waste and electronic waste articles