Preoccupations of Classical Sociology That Social Thought Development Essay

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  • Using font “Times new Roman”, line spacing 1single, and font size 12 please prepare a 2000-word essay (around 5-6 pages) trying to fulfill the following requirements:
  • Give a brief insight of the main preoccupations of classical sociology and the historical context that led to the development of this social thought
  • What are the main similarities and differences in the works of those authors?
  • What is/are the main problem(s) of society
    • according to Marx;
    • according to Durkheim;
    • according to Weber;
  • Give the perspective which one of the three of them, according to you, was the most relevant in pinpointing societal problems, considering the subsequent development of modern societies.

Conclusion: In your own worlds try to characterize the perspective of classical sociology